Deptford Creek

DEPTFORD CREEK, LONDON: an example of good practice and innovation

Deptford Creek is in fact where the black redstarts ‘…first raised its red tail above the parapet.’ Since first being discovered breeding in the area in 1998 [2-3 pairs – although research suggests that they had been present for at least 20 years] mitigation has been sought and gained on a number of landmark developments through the provision of green roofing schedules.

Initially this was no easy task. The first large-scale developer stymied any innovation. However the strength of purpose at both a local level with the support of London Wildlife Trust, English Nature, Environment Agency and British Trust for Ornithology saw a change in the attitude of subsequent developers. At present there are approximately 1000 sq.metre of green roofing planned and a further 2000 sq.metre proposed on developments passing through the local planning process [see attached map]. A further site has recently come on stream and should provide improved mitigation measures for the species.

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Deptford Overview Plan
Click on map zones for detailsGreenwich Gateway DevelopmentCreekside Education CentreConvoy's WharfSeager BuildingNew Laban Centre

Deptford Creek, London SE8 - Green Roofs
Greenwich Reach 2000
45% Green Roof area
Kent Wharf
proposes 60% Green Roofs
Greenwich Gateway
proposes over 50% Green Roofs
Seager Building
proposes Green Roofs
Hiltons Wharf
proposes Green Roofs
7 Convoy's Wharf
proposes Green Roofs
4 Laban Dance Centre
400 sq. m. Brownroof area
8 Creekside Education Centre
100 sq.m. Green Roof area

= Proposed Mitigations
= Proceeding Mitigations

Beyond Deptford Creek

The impact of the work in Deptford Creek on black redstarts has lead to many other key development sites adopting or proposing to adopt innovative solutions to black redstart mitigation; Battersea Power Station, King’s Cross Channel Tunnel Development, and Mast Quay, Woolwich.

One of the achievements of the work in London is that sites near to black redstarts territories have been encouraged to incorporate mitigation to enhance the area for black redstarts

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