Breeding site surveys


The Problem - Poor Practice

West Quay
West India Quay, London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Black redstarts are not shy birds but they are elusive. The very nature of the sites where they breed make the location and proof of breeding difficult to ascertain. Noise levels, sight obstructions (large buildings, high walls, etc.) mean that thorough surveys should be undertaken during the breeding season. There have been many examples of consultants merely doing a single walk over visit concluding that no black redstarts are breeding. On at least three occasions these sites have been well known historical breeding localities.

Peruvian Wharf - L.B. Newham
Black Redstarts on rubble mounds - Peruvian Wharf, L.B. of Newham

The Solution - Good Practice

The following survey criteria has been drawn up by the BLACK REDSTART Action Plan Working Group for London and are recommended by the lead conservation agencies in London.

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